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  • Chemical industry

Uutechnic Oy, and Stelzer Rührtechnik International GmbH together are one of the largest suppliers of mixing technology, such as agitators in Europe. Together we cover most of the need for production size agitator applications and export our products worldwide. The size range is from magnetically driven agitators in vessels with a volume of some tens of liters to digesters holding 10 000 m3.

A successful business requires that the agitator manufacturer is well familiar with the production processes of the end user. This knowledge makes it possible to offer process solutions and not only equipment. The combination of technically advanced and cost efficient agitators with a thorough process know-how forms the base for the capability to offer comprehensive process services in mixing technology. Continuous development of mixing technology is essential for the business.

Agitators and vessels have a strong synergy, which is why a natural ambition is to offer mixing technology in the form of complete mixing units consisting of tank and agitator. The delivery of a complete unit makes it possible to guarantee also the process result and not only the mechanical function. Furthermore the end user does not have to worry for the compatibility of agitator and tank as Plc Uutechnic Group Oyj carries this responsibility.

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